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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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one house in berkeley is home to dozens of criminal complaints. those who live there are known as the neighbors from hell. >> all the neighbors want them out. >> kron4 shows you what has neighbors so upset. a kron4 exclusive. a vallejo police officer shoots and kills a woman's dog. that woman is demanding an explanation for her young daughter. one of the most popular boxers in the world is now fighting to set the record straight after taking a negative stance on same-sex marriage.
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the city of berkeley is on the brink of evicting more than 15 people who live at this home on 9th street for more than 30 years. officials say this residence has been the center, a haven of sorts, for criminal activity. reggie kumar tells us what's been going on there. >> reporter: imagine living near this home on 9th street where residents have to deal with parolees with guns, fight, yelling and screaming, and more than a dozen people affiliated with a local gang coming and going all hours of the night. >> it's a house of chaos. this is three generations 3 generations of drug dealers. the house is so crowded with maybe 16-18 people that they have to live outside
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on their front lawn. >> reporter: mayor tom bates admits this problem should have been dealt with by city government a long time ago. he says residents have suffered long enough. >> it's a series of screw-ups. our building department should have caught this, it should have been inspected, made the changes. so they slipped up. all the neighbors want them out of there, and it's been 30 years. we have had 260 violations. enough and enough. >> reporter: some of the requirements include applying for a building permit, no screaming and yelling, no fireworks, no alcoholic beverages consumed in public view, no guns or drugs. if the homeowner does not comply, they would be fined $500 for every violation. >> the homeowner constructed several ad-ones to the home without a city-issued permit. officials say if the homeowner does not apply for a permit within a month, the eviction
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process will begin. in berkeley, reggie kumar, kron4 news. a s.w.a.t. in oakland conducted a raid tonight which ended with one person being taken under arrest near the corner of 86th and plymouth. no shots were fired, and it appears the person who was arrested was taken in peacefully. police were serving a search warrant at the location, although they are not talking about the nature of the crime. a beloved family dog is dead tonight, shot and killed by a police officer. the 11 year-old labrador mix was friendly and not aggressive in the past. kate thompson reports, the family is wondering how this could have happened. >> reporter: this is belle, an 11 year-old labrador. one of the family's three dogs that were outside wednesday afternoon in their front yard. >> she stood right here, i'm
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sitting right there, and terrified, i thought somebody was shooting at us. all i knew is that somebody was shooting bullets toward my house. >> reporter: an officer came to the house to follow up on a police report filed last week after the family had their bank account wiped up. the officer walked up to the fence and didn't see a dog. after entering the gate, two large, snarling dogs came rung toward him. the officer -- running toward him. the officer pulled his weapon and fired. >> i think it's shocking that when an officer comes to your home, the first thing he does is pull his weapon. >> reporter: the two children are devastated. >> when i got home today from school, mom said that belle got shot and i just started crying. >> reporter: after the shock of losing their dog, the family says it suffered a final insulated with the police offering to call the garbage company to dispose of the body.
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of >> the first question anybody asked me is whether we wanted the garbage company to have the body taken away. >> reporter: reporting in vallejo, kate thompson. in stockton, a man with has been arrest -- teberk lows tb is a highly contagious disease. officials say they went to his house device to watch him take his medicine, but he was not there, he is also accused of missing a doctor's appointment. a warehouse fire in richmond led firefighters to discover a large-scale marijuana growing operation, possibly illegal. the fire started at about 3:30 this morning near south 6th street on ohio avenue. police are now trying to figure
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out whoever is figure for the building. about 1000 marijuana plants were confiscated. manny pacquiao is apologizing to the gay community tonight. he stands by his comments opposing same-sex marriage, but he says he is not against gay people and in fact has many friends and relatives who are gay. dan kerman looks at what he said and did not say. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: president obama's support -- manny pacquiao as hz come out swinging against same-sex marriage saying "god only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married." the comments set off a firestorm because many
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incorrectly believed pacquiao also quoted a bible passage which called for death to men that lie with other men. but he didn't say that. but the damage was done. an online petition was launched calling for nike to drop pacquiao in its advertisements, and the hollywood shopping mall, the grove, banned pacquiao from the premises where he was to film a tv interview. the ban has since been lifted. and pacquiao told reporters "i'm not against the gay people. i'm not condemning them." he went on to say he has relatives and friends who are gay and continued "i told the reporter i'm against same-sex marriage. he said why, i said it's the law of god. that's all i said." he went on to say he opposes same-sex marriage due to his roman catholic beliefs. but he says he is not judging. he says his favorite bible verse is
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love thy neighbor as you love yourself. verizon has new plans for kurt suzuki -- for its customers with unlimited data plans. blighted, foreclosed homes have been a problem in oast oakland for years. -- east oakland for years. now the city is forcing them to clean up those properties. more about this law and reaction from neighbors. later in this broadcast, bumgarner on the o for the giants, the lakers in texas, and wait till you see what happened to an umpire. real bad day. fog is already dense in portions of the bay area. how it's going to affect your morning commute. ♪
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our big national stories tonight, the second wife of robert f. kennedy junior has died, according to the westchester new york county's office. the couple who have four children together divorced in 2010. mary kennedy was 52 years old. verizon customers with unlimited data might want to enjoy it while it lasts. the carrier told us it plans to make customers switch to tiered data plans when they upgrade. it will unveil the plan by mid-summer. it even impacts people who are grandfathered with the unlimited plan. [ mechanical humming ]
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coffins, maybe more than 1000 of them, buried on valley medical center property in san jose. is this the area we're talking about. right 880 and 280 in between ginger lane and turner avenue. and as rob fladeboe reports, it could be a while before we really know what's buried here. >> reporter: construction workers were excavating here when they noticed the ends of some very old pine boxes buried
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in the gravelly soil. this is a photograph of what are assumed to be some 15 pine coffins exposed in the trench thought of what was once known as a potter's field. >> for people who were at valley medical center between 1875 and 1935 who died either unknown or indiggent, if -- indigent, if there was nobody to provide for the disposal of their remain, they would be buried in that site, we believe. >> reporter: construction has been halted for now. county records show the site was a cemetery dating to the late 1800s through the 1930s, and more recently a parking lot. >> the 18 boxes that were found are a certain distance apart. and the 1932 map showed a certain area marked cemetery. just doing the math with the space between the boxes, we believe that there could be up
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to 1,450 such boxes there. >> the county is asking a judge to permit construction of the hospital to resume while archaeologists attempt to contact relatives of those buried here. cracking down on blighted foreclosed homes in oakland. the city council passed new legislation last night to control the problem. jeff bush explains what the banks will have to do to comply with the new law and talked to people in neighbors with the problem for their reaction. >> reporter: this is a problem that has been playing much of east oakland for years. blighted, foreclosed homes dot the street, bring down property value, and are dangerous eye sores for the neighbors who have to look at the filth every day. she says foreclosed homes are nothing more than a garbage dump next door. >> it's terrible.
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there is trash everywhere , mattresses, people just find abandoned houses and dump their property. >> reporter: oakland will now require any bank that starts the foreclosure process to make sure the property is kept up. if it is abandoned, the banks have to register the problem with the city. these are examples of blight. the city will fine the bank if properties like these fall into a state of disrepair. >> i think that's wonderful. finally. not ten $10, $20. $500 every day. they'll take care of this property more than what they do now. >> reporter: the fines could go into the thousands of dollars if the bank does nothing. the registration will make it easier for the city to keep track of abandoned homes. and this just in.
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san francisco police are on the scene right now of a home invasion robbery near the intersection of york and caesar chavez. we will bring you the latest on kron4's morning news. visibilities are down out there tonight, especially chose to the coastline. this is a live look outside from the golden gate cam. you can see low viability right now. the fog is experted to get worse into the -- expected to get worse into the overnight hours. we'll see fog and drizzle close to the coastline. temperatures are going to cool into tomorrow afternoon. we'll see mostly sunny skies for most of the bay area, but cooler conditions. winds out of the north should clear the fog out. so sunny skies and warmer temperatures. the fog is moving into our bay shores. zoom in for a closer look. the fog has been along the coastline all day, and now it's moving into the east bay shores and could even spread
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into the inland valleys in the overnight hours. temperatures cooler as a result. a mixture of 70s and 60s in the south bay. 68 in san jose. also going to be cooler in our inland valleys. more comfortable. 77 degrees in antioch. 86 in antioch today. 75 in pleasanton, 73 in livermore. we're going to see pretty chilly conditions along the coastline, upper 50s in ocean beach, and san francisco. the big event this weekend is bay to breakers. we're going to see pretty nice weather. temperatures ranging from 54 to 59 degrees depending on when you cross the start line. through downtown san francisco, still mostly sunny skies, and temperatures at this point warming a few degrees. 57 to 62. and warmer through the coastline through golden gate
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park. winds out of the north, going to clear the fog out this weekend. so temperatures warmer here on the great highway. temperatures between 61 and 67 degrees. a look at your extended forecast, fog tomorrow decreasing into friday, but gone by saturday and sunday. so nice weather in store for bay to breakers. bay to breakers, sunday, may 20th, and you'll be able to watch it from the comfort of your home right here on kron4 starting at 8:00 in the morning hosted by gary and me. then at 7:00 that night, kron will bring you all the highlights from the day's events. gary is next with sports.
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all right good evening, everybody. the giants are having trouble scoring runs. a foggy night at the ball park in san francisco. nate schierholtz could not touch young garcia. garcia, 7 and 1/3, 9 hits he gave up. buster posey has been sluffing of late but had three hits. up to .295. bumgarner wasn't bad. but when david frese who was a postseason hero
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a year ago went the distance, cardinals were up 2-1; that was it. gary -- oh, man, the actor. throwing out the first pitch. the as have tro get past a -- have to get past a real strong texas team. and boom. we got a bat flying. he's laughing, but this yub darvish is fantastic -- yu darvish is fantastic. out of japan. allowed only one run. adrian beltre hit a home run. you can't show this enough. how tough was the day for bill miller in toronto? the player didn't mean it. the guy from toronto is brett lowry .
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but it bounced up and nailed the umpire. and some coward in the stands is going to as we like to say drink six beers and throw one. and there it is, at the umpire. fortunately they found the coward, and that's it. a long day for the umpire, bill miller. toronto beat the blue jays. the lakers out 7, with two minutes to play, you figure the series with oklahoma city is even at 1. james harden behind the back, and how do you like my elbow? there you go. and oklahoma city at one junction looked like the big guys of the lakers were going to handle them. bynum, 20 points, 9 rebounds. kobe, 9 for 25. he had 20. final possessions though, kobe turns the ball over, kevin durant going the other end, oklahoma city up 1 point, three sundays second. blake was wipe open, and that's it. lakers lost, seven-point
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lead with two minutes to go. they go back to la on friday. kevin garnett and the celtics went and ped philadelphia tonight -- punished philadelphia tonight. rondo had 23, 14 assists. celtics win, they lead that series 2-1. and larry byrd, the first man to be named league mvp, coach of the year, and executive of the year, he's the president of the indiana pacers. they're even with miami,a i game a -- a game a piece. tour of california hit the half-way mark. peter slovakia won tonight's save from sonora. the top american, jeff louder from salt lake city. hockey real quick. new jersey beat the
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rangers don't, 3-2. that series is tied at 1 in the battle of new york/new jersey. and theres.
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